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Term 4 Week 3 - Glacier Formation

Below is a FAQ, detailing the Formation of Glaciers. Followed by this, there is information about what affects a near-by Glacier or Mountain range can have on weather. Please comment at the bottom of the post.



Daniel Coats


Term 4 Week 2 - Homework

Below is my homework task, done through FPS. The four Glentanner Camp recommendations weren't all on the below document so all of them have been included at the bottom.


  1. Full acceptance of others will not only make them feel much more comfortable and allow them to enjoy the experience, but they will think higher of you, not in regards of your ability to pull an affective prank, instead as a kind and including person. The personal rewards to boht parties far outway what can be achieved through unethical and uncalled for antics.
  2. Make an effort to help out or offer a favour on atleast 4 occasions a day. Whether it be cleaning the dishes or carrying the bag of someone who's back has fallen victim to Spaniard Grass. Sometimes a little can go along way for someone else, and just as any favour, will help you to affectively build a relationship with another.
  3. Be a friend to everyone. Although during a school day we may just reside alongside the same friends, camp is an opportunity to, as we'll all together, hang out with a whole set of different people or everyone at once. Some may seem the complete opposite of you, but that provides know excuse when in a situation suited to everyone.
  4. This said, we should still know who we're comfortable around and what we're comfortable doing. Some people have a habit of annoying others, quite often accidently, so make sure if you want to get on with someone that you understand these traits.

Daniel Coats


FPS Finals Time Again!

It seems like a lifetime since I last posted on FPS success in America, and it's about to seem like a whole lot longer ago. I got the call, less than an hour ago, and soon found out that Auckland was two and a half weeks away! That means national finals, and another chance for a top placing at the international competition.

Expect to see this updated soon, as the competition comes around before I know it.